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Despite the fact that no one has two Sun signs, it can be useful to explore the cusps and traits that are typically associated with them. If you truly feel that two signs influence your personality or life path, keep reading to learn more about each cusp — just remember that your sign will still be the same, and the only way to find out the exact degree that the Sun was in during the time of your birth is to learn to cast your chart or have it cast by an experienced astrologer. This is a dominating personality, powerful, hard at work and play.

You are charismatic yet often stubborn and possess a headstrong energy that can benefit from meditation. You possess a youthful energy that could benefit from discipline and direction.

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This cusp is sensitive yet gregarious. You are friendly and sociable, but mysterious and sometimes cryptic when expressing themselves. You have a romantic and intuitive personality that has a rich inner world mixed with emotional depth and intellectual heights. This cusp desires physical and impassioned, emotional activity.

Balance and centeredness greatly help to stifle emotional rollercoasters and keep you calm and relaxed. This cusp possesses a blend of fastidiousness and passion. You make excellent leaders with great social skills, but you must learn to share their inner dialogues with others. You have a tendency toward secrecy but learning to open up will help your persuasive personality succeed in intimate relationships.

With this dynamic, perfectionism meets a love for all-things-aesthetically-pleasing. You have a creative, charming personality that possesses an impressive intellect.

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There is a tendency for superficiality, so strive to look deeper than the surface. This cusp is sensual and honest, if not brutally so.

There Is No Such Thing As a Cusp Sign

Despite your frankness, your personality is magnetic and funny. You are a romantic but a potentially jealous one, which can be avoided by carefully examining the ego. Your determination is palpable and leads to success. Yours is an intense energy that meets with optimism. You are unique and independent, not afraid to take the path less travelled.

Astrological Cusp Calculator: Are you on the cusp? | Astrology at eMystica

Objectivity is necessary for you to avoid being overly emotional. You have a tenacious personality that might be best-suited for self-employment. This cusp possesses an intense intuition and a bubbly and sensible personality. You are incredibly adept at sensing what is needed to solve a problem and makes an excellent partner.

You are optimistic yet somewhat emotional and have a need to control surroundings. Learn to trust your inner voice. Yours is a cusp with a rich and mysterious inner life that you tend to keep private. In fact, your imagination is so enlivened that you may get distracted and bored with reality. Work on integrating the two through creativity to avoid feeling underwhelmed. This is a cusp that is naturally attuned to psychic energies and gifts. Yours is a compassionate personality that enjoys company but sometimes overindulges in solitude.

You have so much to give, try not to let your sensitive nature talk you into keeping it all to yourself. You are a daydreamer with an impulsive nature.

Born on the Capricorn-Aquarius Cusp

Unconventional and warmhearted, you love giving of yourself. Those that do might give the earliest possible date for the start, and the latest possible date as the ending. Yes, a bit confusing. The decision really is up to you. For example, Aries-Taurus cusp is defined as:.

You can read this book from front to back, but it can also be used as a reference tool. Some people born between the signs get along superbly with people born on another cusp. Others gravitate toward those born in the middle of their sign. And a good rule of thumb for all is that the sign before or after yours is a good match. You probably also get along with those who are two signs away. Each section also contains three lengthy discussions on each of the cusp zones.

Because some of you are definitely at the end of a sign and some of you are definitely at the start of a sign and a bunch of you are on the bubble e. It is highly likely that in the course of your lifetime, you will change your job. Your interest in a particular field may shift, the economy may contract, or you may feel drawn to a path other than that for which you trained. All of us, regardless of birth date, or being born on the cusp between two signs, need to renew ourselves every seven years, and in variables of seven—so every 3.

See a Problem?

Astrological clients have asked me time after time: What am I supposed to do? What should I do? To help you discover what may work for you, each chapter has a section on careers and vocations. I actually went through various directories of careers to get the specifics, and I surveyed my vast and interesting client base. In my experience, copy editors or proofreaders at newspapers or magazines tend to be earth signs, particularly Virgo meticulous, painstaking.

A social worker client noted that personnel in her office, which served families and children, were predominantly Sagittarians. As I was writing this book, I met two Aquarius x-ray technicians radiographers , both of whom were interested in changing careers.

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Those who teach language arts or history, or fields where there is narrative, interpretation, and analysis can be air signs Gemini, Libra, Aquarius or cardinal signs Capricorn, Libra, Aries, and Cancer. The medical profession also has a wide range of temperaments and signs. Therapists or those who specialize in disorders of mind or temperament can be in the Aquarius, Pisces, Gemini, Virgo, Libra realm. But there is probably somewhere in your chart a planet or one of those signs at a significant angle. Those who deal with loans might have Scorpio in a prominent place.

Real estate or mortgage specialists could have Capricorn, Virgo, or Taurus in a strong position. Law enforcement, public safety, and the legal field are all over the map. Libra is the scales—often the scales of justice. Specialties in bonds or long-term portfolio investments could be Capricorn or Taurus.

Beginners Corner: Cusps and interceptions

Show business is another realm where every sign can thrive. TV and broadcasting media have very tight deadlines, requiring you think on your feet and learn on the job. Earth signs can do well here also, but they may have a longer learning curve, or be more comfortable in the editing or recording suite. One huge advantage you folks born on the cusp have is that you understand the importance of having an open mind, being flexible, and being able to change gears.

Please note that in the next chapter, the birth dates for each sign indicate the earliest possible date and the latest possible date for each sign. For example, Aries can be born as early as March 20 in some years and as late as April 22 in other years, and Taurus can be born as early as April 21 or as late as May There is no overlap of dates in the same year, but the dates when a sign begins or ends does vary from year to year.

My editors thought it would be helpful to provide you with an overview of the twelve Sun signs as a starting point to this book. I write about the combinations in the chapters that follow, but here are some defining terms, along with my own observations. Cardinal signs include Aries marks start of spring , Cancer marks start of summer , Libra marks start of autumn , and Capricorn marks start of winter. People born in cardinal signs are often excellent self-starters and can use their energy to start things moving. Fixed signs are Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius, which represent months in the year when a season is in full swing—spring is in full bloom, or when the summer heat is steady, and so forth. People born in these signs are often hard working and determined; they can be resistant to change.

Mutable signs are Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces. The mutable signs represent the months when seasons change from spring to summer, or from fall to winter, for example. People born in these signs have the energy to transition from one state to another with more ease and adapt well to change, but they can also vacillate. Finding and using practical ways and taking on responsibility are their default modes. Adventuring out into the world and expressing optimism are their default modes.

Attuning to emotions and perceiving the environment are their default modes. The first sign of the zodiac— the baby, as it were—is Aries. This cardinal fire sign is the first sign in the zodiac and is associated with the planet Mars. In my experience, Aries are open to new experiences, excited by unexpected opportunities, and easily bored by routine.

Aries can bowl over others with the force of their enthusiasm, which can add to their youthful quality. Yet, their bottom line is that they really do prefer the full approval of authorities. This action might not be possible to undo.

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