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In case you have no one in your life, you need to get ready for an intense period, when the med will be charmed by your personality, so all you will have to do is pick the most suited one. In , the stars are on the side of all the female Leo natives. You will try to do everything possible so that the relationships you are involved in to evolve in a positive way, and your actions will be well received by your loved ones, who will contribute with everything they can in this process. After the first half of the year, you are going to meet someone who will help you rediscover long-forgotten feelings.

They will be more loved and appreciated than ever, and any disagreement with their partners will immediately pass. Love is stronger than any fight. The Aquarius natives who are not involved in any relationship have no reason to despair. During this year, they will fall in love, and their partners will be like out of a dream. Good emotions will reign in this zodiac sign. Finally, the natives will be able to get over all the failed relationships from the past and be ready for a new life next to their partner.

When they will find their soul mate, they will realize why no relationship worked so far. Since they also tend to be overconfident, they may make many mistakes along the path of their lives. Jupiter has been transiting through the House of Fortune, as per your Moon Sign. This is a good and supportive planetary transit. However, Saturn will start transiting through your Moon Sign from 2nd November , initiating the second phase of your Shani Sade Sati the seven and half years of Saturn , which may bring struggles and troubles for you.

You may face health related issues, and may have to go through considerable mental stress. Nonetheless, Ganesha tells you that you have it in you to be strong and move ahead undeterred. Couples waiting to conceive may seek medical intervention and help, and proceed ahead. However, Ketu's transit through your 5th House the House of child birth and creativity may cause you problem, you can get over it by worshipping Lord Shiva regularly. For students and disciples of higher learning, the time may be difficult. Heave a sigh of relief.

The overall planetary positions indicate that the year ahead shall be quite decent for you on the financial, professional and business front.

This will be a good year for business and professional expansion, when you may also plan to introduce new services or products. Many of you may move offices. However, as soon as you see that your efforts are catching speed, bringing you gains, do not go ahead and risk it all. That would be foolish, says Ganesha. If you have to take risks, do so after careful planning and considerable amount of calculations.

Also, avoid taking loans in the year ahead, as far as possible. Since Saturn is going to start moving through your Moon Sign, you will need to be very careful in all matters related to your health and well-being. This trend may continue for next two and half years. You may suffer from problems related to bones, joint pains or rib-pains.

Thus, be careful, so as to avoid accidents or bone displacement or fractures may assail you. People who are old may also suffer from arthritis and knee pains. You must worship Lord Hanuman and Lord Saturn to get rid of these challenges. If not entirely, regular worship shall at least decrease the intensity of many of your problems, says Ganesha. There may be some troubles marring your realm of love and relationships in the year ahead.

Ketu, transiting through your House of Love, may cause confusions, conflicts and hurdles. Also, Saturn, passing through your House of marriage and partnerships may create more troubles for you. Nonetheless, Ganesha asks you to not be scared, as these are only general predictions, and the actual results and their intensity vary and depend upon one's personal horoscope. With adverse planet Ketu's transit through your House of Studies, you may not expect great success in the matters related to education and career satisfaction. You may remain distracted, which may cause anxiety and restlessness.

Leo Weekly Horoscope

Naturally, these attributes cannot be good for studies and academic endeavours. This mindset may also affect your exam results, feels Ganesha. So, try to relax and meditate, in order to regain stability and balance. Also, Ganesha is not trying to scare you, but is making you aware of the upcoming challenges, so you remain prepared accordingly. If you do your best to remain disciplined at this time, the tide may even turn in your favour. Worship Lord Shiva and recite Mahamrityunjay mantra regularly.

Consecrate an idol of Lord Shiva with pure water to get rid of illnesses and disorders. A dip in the holy waters of Ganga will bring you happiness. For financial gains, use quartz crystal beaded Sphatik maalaa to chant Om Shreem Shreeye Namah times. Since the Lord of your Sign is Mars, you may receive great benefits. Implication — People born under the Moon Sign Sagittarius tend to be friendly, multi-talented, strong, straightforward, rich but somewhat frugal. Most of these people are open about what they feel and may, thus, end up being blunt sometimes.

Nonetheless, they are pure at heart. You will set some goals, as you is your habit, for this year too. And, this will be a good thing to do, says Ganesha. Nonetheless, He advises you to proceed ahead after enough ground-work and calculations, rather than going ahead at a break-neck speed.

Have patience and go slow and measured. Also, Saturn, transiting through your House of Expenses may lead to some delays in the financial matters. This will be the first phase of your Sade Sati, so you may begin to face some struggles and see some delays on various fronts of your life. The ruler of your Moon Sign — Jupiter — is currently transiting through its Sign of exaltation, which should have been an excellent thing.

But since, this configuration happens to be taking place in the 8th Sign from your own Sign, this will not be beneficial for you. However, you may expect good results from your Sign Lord once it moves to Leo, 9th House from your Sign, in July Both these may create troubles for you, so be careful. Keeping these configurations in mind, Ganesha advises you to be pretty careful in matters of wealth and finances, or you may have to suffer losses.

Apart from this, you may also worship Lord Hanuman regularly. Thanks to his blessings, you will be able to get rid of most of your troubles. Also, since Rahu is transiting through the 10th Sign from your Sign, you will need to exercise even more care and restraint, says Ganesha. Avoid giving your products or services on credit.

Your health may continue to be as it has been in the recent times. There may not be much change in the situation for you on the health front, that is. However, be careful of seasonal ailments catching you unawares. Thus, take special care whenever there is a season change. Also, the transiting Mars may aggravate your anger and aggression, and thus it would be best for you to remain centred and balanced.

Be careful while driving, says Ganesha. The realm of love and relationships and the developments therein shall bring you plenty of happiness in the year ahead, foresees Ganesha. Your own friendly and amiable nature, which makes you a good listener and a generous friend, will put you in a good stead in most relationships. You do not like conflicts, and thus would go to lengths to avoid the same.

At this time, you may also move ahead with confidence an courage in the matters of love and commitment. Ganesha's blessings shall be with you. As per Ganesha, the planetary positions bode well for these aspects of your life in the year ahead. If you compare the situation in these spheres to the last year's scenario, you will be happy to know that this year things shall be far better. The main reason behind this is that the adverse planet like Ketu has already left a challenging position for your Sign.

However, despite a good time, things may get a bit difficult for the people pursuing their higher education or Masters degree. Students should light a lamp before an idol of Lord Shiva, which will result in the desired progress in education, and the removal of all obstacles. Those trying for a child, should worship Lord Shiva by offering milk, which can help in conception. For achieving prosperity you should recite the Puru asuktama and Kanakdhara and Stotra. For making economic progress, you should recite the Vishnusahasranama. Implication — People born under the Moon Sign Capricorn are seen as intellectual, intelligent and calculative.

Most of these natives are art lovers, musicians and seekers of carnal pleasures. Strict traditionalists, they are the ones to follow family traditions very strictly. Many of them are prone to cold and cough. Jupiter is transiting through Cancer, which happens to be Sign right in front of your own Moon Sign. Thus, this time shall be quite good for the people whose marriage related talks are in process.

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So, if you desire to get married even if you haven't started the search as yet , this is a great time. Please move ahead briskly, says Ganesha. In the year ahead, although, thanks to Jupiter may support you, you may feel that your luck is not supporting you much. Blame it on Rahu, who is transiting through your House of Fortune. Also, Saturn posited in your House of Gains may cause you tiffs and mental stress.

Ganesha advises you to pray to Goddess Durga to get rid of challenges and roadblocks. Your financial balance may not be very great. But, Ganesha, gives you a good remedy to get financial stability and progress. You should chant Shree Suktak in front of this Yantra, and then you will see that your whole life, including all areas, has changed for the better drastically. Overall, if we look at the planetary configurations, the year ahead can be called as average to favourable for your financial and business sphere. For the matters of health for you, the year ahead shall be quite favourable, as per Ganesha.

Even though the common, seasonal ailments may assail you to some degree, you may hope to have a relatively relaxed year ahead on account of health.

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However, people suffering from chronic ailments like diabetes may have to be quite careful in the first three months of the year Talking about your married relationship, Ganesha says that Jupiter is transiting through your House of Marriage and Partnerships, that is the 7th House from your Sign. Thus, the year ahead, especially the time till July shall be extremely good for your marriage, marital relations and even if you are single, but happen to be in a relationship or are looking for love.

If you hope to get married, this time shall also favour your endeavours in this regard till July Plus, people who are in love can also hope to enjoy an excellent period ahead, thanks to Venus' influence. Venus is a positive planet and its influence on matters of education, knowledge acquisition and career is favourable. You will feel these effects this year, especially if you are a student or a teacher. You naturally enjoy both these roles, any way, says Ganesha. However, you will need to be pretty careful on the following dates — May , and on June 16, In view of the planetary configurations for the year ahead, Ganesha advises the Moon Sign Capricorn natives to do the following:.

Worship Lord Shiva by offering curd. This will increase your prosperity. Offer honey, ghee, sugarcane juice to Lord Shiva. It will invite riches. Offer hibiscus flowers to Lord Ganesha. Feed monkeys on every Saturday. Implication - Those born under the Moon Sign Aquarius tend to be lazy and quiet.

Skilled and scholar, these people can win over their enemies. They display great love and affection for others' children. As per your Moon Sign, it is noteworthy that Jupiter is transiting through your House of Employment, while Ketu has been transiting through your House of Finances. Keeping this in view, Ganesha predicts that you may end up changing your job, in the year ahead. This may be good from your profile progress point of view, given Jupiter's benefic influence, but this success may not translate in any way in the financial realm.

Thus, you may get profile benefits, maybe a higher designation, but if you hope for a higher salary, then your hopes may not be met. From the month of November onwards, Saturn shall begin its transit through your House of Karma, owing to which you may face strife and struggles in work or business. You may feel your overall progress has hit a roadblock. To tide over this difficult time, Ganesha advises you to pray religiously to Lord Hanuman.

The time ahead may be quite disconcerting and confusing for you in the matters of finance and wealth, feels Ganesha. Actually, Ketu's transit through the concerned House may be the prime reason behind this. This planetary configuration may also put hurdles onto your path to financial success. And, keeping this in view you must take remedial measures.

Apart from this, Saturn's presence in your House of Business and Trade shall slow down matters in these fields as well. And, since you know of these things from now itself, plan your moves accordingly, tips Ganesha. As per astrology, Moon is the fastest moving planet, whereas Saturn is a slow moving planet. Owing to this kind of planetary configuration, you tend to catch common, seasonal ailments pretty quickly, but at the same time you recover too at a good speed. In the year ahead, you are advised to remain careful around the dates - April 4, and September 28, Rest of the time shall be largely uneventful, feels Ganesha.

The forthcoming time looks set to be quite good for your married life, feels Ganesha. The planetary configurations also indicate good news for people waiting since years to get married.

Love Horoscope 12222

If you feel the talks of your marriage get stuck at the last moment itself, things may change for good this year. From 14th July onwards, when Jupiter moves to Leo, you can expect great results in this direction. You may also get a good looking spouse, says Ganesha.

Mercury holds great importance for your Moon Sign, as far as the fields of career and education are concerned. In view of this, Ganesha advise you to be very careful in terms of profession and education during this year, specifically during August 24, to October 29, Keeping all the planetary configurations for the year ahead in view, Ganesha advises you to do the following -.

This Month

Offering 'Naivaidya' to Lord Shiva will increase longevity, bringing you a lot of satisfaction. Offer 'Tambul' to Lord Shiva, and worship Him. This will give you a lot of creature comforts. Wear a rosary made of rudraksha or sphatik.

Leo Monthly Career and Business Horoscope

Implication - Those born with the Moon Sign Pisces possess a number of qualities. Pure-hearted and clever, they are often found to be experts at any work involving defence, artillery, weapons and operating arms and ammunition related complex systems. Water lovers, many of them are also fond of swimming. On the downside, Pisces natives may have a weak physique and a dreamy, impractical disposition. Ganesha doesn't foresee much happening in the forthcoming year for the Moon Sign Pisces natives.

The main reason behind this is that Ketu, the South Node shall keep transiting through your Sign for the whole year. And, aspecting it shall be Rahu, posited in the House of marriage, partnerships and relationships. Thus, you may continue to remain confused or worried about personal relations, disagreements with a partner, conflict in the partnership business, misunderstandings etc.

However, in the beginning of the year, that is from this Diwali to July , thanks to Jupiter's transit through its Sign of exaltation Cancer , you may expect good results. Since Jupiter shall be transiting through your 5th House, you may expect favourable results in matters related to creativity, research, child conception, higher education etc.

If you happen to invest in share and stock markets, you may expect to get good returns, during this time, provided you invest after careful deliberation and calculation. In your relationship with your spouse or beloved, this year, however, you will need to remain very diplomatic. Focus on solutions, rather than laying the blame on each other, says Ganesha. With Saturn's move to your House of fortune in November , your luck may not support you much, and you will largely have to rely on hard, dedicated work. If you are a true worker, disciplined and sincere, then you will get great results, promises Ganesha.

From the health perspective, note that Sun is the Lord of your 6th House, which represents overall well-being. Take special care to avoid quarrels due to ego conflicts in your love relationship and married life. It will be beneficial to speak politely. Your relationships will become more intimate by mutual visits and by exchanging gifts on every Saturday. Take your partner out on weekends and spend as much time that you can with your partner.

Try and develop that emotional and physical connection between both of you. The stronger the love is, the better it will be for your relationship. A long-lasting relationship is going to make Leos feel more joyful and enthusiastic if your relationship works out well, can convert it into a marriage bond as well. People who are willing to tie the knot this year, it would be the most appropriate time for you for you to get married. You will experience a successful marriage this year as the Leo love horoscope predicts.

So make the best use of every opportunity you get to make your relationship get smoother. It might lead to a breakup.

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