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For the standard zodiacal charts radix each parameter in the speculum is a real astronomical parameter. For other charts the speculum may shows fictitious parameters. In our opinion this does not authorize to consider one technique better than others according to the content of the related speculum because, starting from an astronomical context, the astrology bases its analysis appealing to the analogy and symbolism laws, too. Anyway, even if some more detail should be important, summarily, for each chart we have: Radix: True astronomical speculum Transits: True astronomical speculum Revolutions: True astronomical speculum Sec.

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The long. Other parameters unchanged Placidian Profections: Fictitious speculum. The mundane parameters are prescribed. Reckoned the longitude Mundane: True astronomical speculum Ter. PDs inCh. The mundane parameters have almost the astronomical values Cel. Ptolemy : Fictitious speculum. Reckoned the longitude Cel. Pse-Ast : Fictitious speculum. Only the equatorial coordinates have astronomical values [Roberto] Almutens Currently the almutens are calculated acc.

There are three types of Almutens: Points e. A lot of astrologers used only the Essential settings in their Almuten of the Chart calculations. The program cannot tell you which planet is the AlmutenOfTheChart because e.

Only the astrologer can decide which planet is the AlmutenOfTheChart. The accidental settings can be easily excluded from the Almuten of the Chart calculations by unchecking "Use". Any option can be set to zero and it won't be calculated. Sun-phases: oriental positions only and only in case of the mars, jupiter and saturn: degree from the Sun[Weak], [Medium], [Strong], [Medium], [Weak].

About the Essential settings: if OneRuler is selected then only one planet gets the score of the tricplicity and in case of daytime the first triplicity ruler will be that planet, in case of a nighttime chart the second one. Already existing Topical Almutens cannot be modified. When you select a Topical Almuten in the combobox then its name and rows will be shown in the editor.


The new Topical Almuten will be added to the combobox when you click on "Add". Only the seven planets are used in the almuten calculations. Profections After PDs, the traditional astrology recommended the Profections. There are different types of Profections: annual, monthly, daily, the last two in different variants. The most important is the first type.

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The traditional annual Profections in Zodiac move the Radix positions in the amount of one sign per year. The native ASC moves clockwise in the sky in the amount of one Placidian house per year. All the computations are done, for each astronomical object, according to its astronomical parameters. Generally the minor cusps are not included in the analysis. Thanks to an oblique rotation of the celestial sphere, Morinus is able to cast the profected full domification, too.

The program permits to choose between mundane and zodiacal Placidian Profections. In the first case the planetary positions are related to the local horizon, in the second the positions are related to the ecliptic, i. Of course, Placidian Profections are not possible for polar regions.

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For all of them, a continuos profected movement is available, making in this way the astrological analysis easier. For a full understanding of the technique we suggest to work with double charts, setting the starting date and time with the native values. Then increase the profected time with steps of one year till to reach twelve, where cycle finishes and a new one begins. Changing the time, look the native ASC position related to the external profected domification.

The currently available zodiacal yearly profections are identical to the traditional yearly deg zodiacal profections. FileDialog self, mtexts. This way you will get a point x,y of the circle with radius. Maybe degrees should be in radians, it depends on the language or function you are using. For example degrees is pi 3.

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Then: drawtext x,y, "Hello" You will see where it puts it. Then try with angles: 0, 30, 60, 90, , , , , , , , This link looks good. This is my first python program. I am a candidate master chess player peak rating was Russian texts changed Zodiacal PDs with latitude to aspects of significators changed Acknowledgements changed About Primary Directions changed Aspects added to mundane LoF PDs Russian texts fixed Position-texts of the housecusps did not get updated in case of an ayanamsha; fixed Scores removed from Options Planets in Signs and Houses removed from Tables AppearanceI Dialog changed Fixstars-suboptions, intables, mundane-slider Fixstars were shown if uranus, neptune, pluto were unchecked; fixed Traditional conjunction added to Fixstars Mundane LoF moved to Mundane Positions table Arabic Parts table added LoF moved to Arabic Parts table Lot Of Fortune Options-Dialog changed Number of Arabic Parts got maximized 40 Minor modifications Arabic Parts Arabic Parts and Asteroids switched places in Tables-menu Russian translation changed Horizondistance added to the speculums Arabic parts editor changed See General Remarks Fixstars conjunctions added to Tables menu Antiscia and Contraantiscia added to Appearance dialog I Symbol of the LoF changed Horizondistance fixed in the speculums Colors of Antiscia changed Square Medieval chart added to Charts menu and the popup menus of its items Syzygy added to Misc Table menu User Speculum added to the Tables menu Minor modifications in the Square chart User Speculum shown vertically Syzygy added to Appearance I Dialog Save As Bitmap of the items of the Charts menu fixed Third option added to Syzygy Syzygy added to PD dialog Syzygy changed PD dialog User-point to parallels mundane, zodiacal added to PDs User2-point added to significators PDs Minor change in Appearance I dialog General Remarks changed syzygy TODO added Link to Martin's book added and About Primary Directions changed Conjunction symbol of the significator removed from PD-lists User2 speculum added See General Remarks Placidian underthepole added to the PDs Old Morinus.

Download Source section changed TODO changed Synastry added PD-calculations got much faster due to a faster sorting algorithm Download Source section changed Linux Menu items for managing the options explained in General Remarks Sometimes aspects weren't shown in the charts Pisces-Aries transition problem ; fixed Maximizing the window of the radix problem on Win7; fixed Themes added to Appearance I; charts are drawn accordingly About The Author section added Synastry closed already opened child-windows; fixed Syzygy moved to a standalone dialog from Appearance I Spanish translation added Selectable individual planet-colors added to Colors dialog Selectable showing of the selected housesystem on the radix chart added to AppearanceI Almutens 3 types added Section about Almutens added to the webpage General Remarks changed Contents added to the webpage Aspects table fixed housecusps-part Colors fixed in Almuten tables Background fixed in Topical Almuten table on Windows 7 Bug during loading a chart if Traditional option is selected fixed Help added See General Remarks Upgraded to the newest swiss ephemeris[version of sweastrology.

Old extension modules sweastrology. Whole-sign replaces Vehlow housesystem If you want to use your saved options file Morinus. Crash-bug fixed: Topical Almutens get cleared if arabicparts removed in ArabicParts-editor BC charts fixed see: General Remarks Link to "A vedic astrologer's opinion about Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and asteroids" added to Articles BC charts changed if e. Some minor bugs fixed Elections added to Charts menu The caption of the Elections-window showed the date year, month, day after subtracting the timezone; fixed Whole Sign houses with Ayanamsha fixed Link to "Ptolemy's cosmos" added to Articles Revolutions of a julian-date radix got fixed Mercury in Almuten calculations fixed Webpage changed in Aboutbox Helpfiles changed Asteroids removed Important: only the source changed so not the Windows-binary MorinusWinEng.

As soon as it is possible I will upload it. Exact Transits removed form Appearance I. They are always calculated. Minor bugfix in Secondary Directions in case of a julian-radix Houseposition calculation with Traditional fixed in the Almuten of the Chart. Traditional version Programming added to the Table-Of-Contents A possible solution to a runtime-bug on Ubuntu Linux added to General Remarks Precession and Nutation corrected solars added if ayanamsa is selected Ephemeris files uploaded and Download Binary, Windows section changed New features added to the Traditional version PDs in solars and lunars added right click on the chart of a solar or lunar Find Time from planetary positions added see General Remarks Graphical Ephemeris added Credits dialog changed Graphical ephemeris fixed see the lines of the planets at the top in case of year 25 [minor fix] Traditional version changed How to compute planetary positions without ephemeris ; added to the list of articles Astronomy, The Basics; added to the list of articles Profections zodiacal, currently Yearly-only added to Charts Version 3.

Program crash fixed Rapt Parallels fixed [Under Testing] Link added to the book Jean Meeus: Astronomical Algorithms Profections zodiacal, mundane added [Under Testing] Profections section added to the webpage LotofFortune added to PlacidusAnnualProfections [mundane] Aspects fixed in the Profections-charts PlacidusAnnualProfections[mundane] algorithm fixed Julian Day added to Misc-table Profections section changed Spanish translation updated Credits dialog updated Profected LoF fixed Max number of rows in the Topical-Almutens to 30 Program crash fixed in Arabic-Parts-options Yesterday the encoding was removed from "Save as text" PDs.

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Should work for all the languages on Linux, WinVista and Win7 Italian translation added Syzygy added to Topical almutens Positions table of zodiacal profs; fixed Hot-keys changed Tables, Charts Same row can be added several times to a Topical Almuten Profections added to Tables Zodiacal profections fixed Confirmation dialog added to "Reload" Several ayanamsa-related bugs fixed e.

Antiscia Acknowlegdements changed Mercury in Virgo Almutens : exaltation is not taken into account BC charts fixed Old almutenchart.

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  5. FindTime got 25 times faster See Profections-section Degree and second added to approximation in FindTime Old profections. Monthly Profections: "Steps 13" fixed Aspects of promissors to intermediate housecups added to PDs Iteration selection added to the secondary motion of the Moon in PD-dialog Rounding of the longitudes in charts removed Old primarydirs. All digits shown in Mundane Positions table PDs-In-Chart section added to the webpage Dynamic-keys fixed PDs-In-Chart: selected key always used static, dynamic Ingresses with ayanamsa fixed PDs-In-Chart: New terminology MacOS added to Download binary section See General Remarks here or in the help file Windows-binary the executable fixed Source Morinus.

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    Mundane chart added to Charts menu Old pdsinchart. Old appearance2. PDsInChart Mundane added to webpage and help files French translation User speculum added Topical Almuten Crash fixed PDs and Exact transits fixed Personal Data Dialog fixed Synastry added Colors, Orbs and FixedStars Dialogs fixed.

    Lot of Fortune fixed SunTransits, Secondary Directions, Elections menus fixed Todo changed Ayanamsa added Precession and Nutation correction added to solar revolutions in case of an ayanamsa House-position calculation of planets hopefully fixed; used in Squarechart and Almutens PDs in revolutions added right click on the chart of a solar or lunar TODO changed Program crash related to fixedstars fixed FixedStars-conjunction Table fixed Transits fixed Retrograde the "R" was not shown FindTime added to Horoscope menu. See: General Remarks in the help-file BC added to FindTime Negative sign added to the data field of the radix-charts in case of BC charts FindTime improved the Main window won't get disabled and already opened chart won't be closed Graphical Ephemeris Tropical or Sidereal added to Hororoscope menu.

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    Help-file changed Graphical Ephemeris improved Whole-sign houses with ayanamsa fixed Orbs of fixedstars couldn't be changed one by one; fixed The color of LoF wasn't saved in the options Old options file can't be used Color of LoF fixed in the 30deg-strip table Fixedstars in the PrimDirs dialog didn't get cleared if Fixedstars selections changed in the options; fixed Bigger planets in the graphical ephemeris Credits changed Several important fixes related to the FindTime feature Graphical ephemeris fixed see the lines of the planets at the top in case of year 25 Revolutions fixed if antiscia or fixedstars was selected in AppearanceI, then it was shown in the Revolutions Typo fixed that could cause a program crash Apparent Solar Time fixed in Secondary Directions first attempt Profections currently only Yearly added to Charts menu Version 1.

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    Credits updated Profected LoF fixed Netbook option fixed Max number of rows in the Topical-Almutens to 30 Syzygy added to Topical-Almutens Hot-keys changed Tables Profections to Options Profections to Tables menu Positions Tables of zodiacal profections fixed Same row can be added several times to Topical almutens Syzygy2 added to Charts menu Zodiacal profections fixed Credits dialog changed Russian translation added Confirmation dialog added to "Reload" Several ayanamsa-related bugs fixed Antiscia, Position-text of LoF Selected ayanamsa or "Tropical" is shown in the center of the chart Tropical or selected ayanamsa added to Square-chart Mercury in Virgo Almutens : exaltation is not taken into account BC charts fixed Old almutenchart.

    FindTime got 25 times faster Monthly profections added to deg Profections Degree and second added to approximation in FindTime Old profections. Aspects of promissors to intermediate housecups added to PDs Iteration selection added to the secondary motion of the Moon in PD-dialog

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